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Docker and Service Fabric workshop blog series

A couple of weeks ago I gave a workshop on Docker and Service Fabric at KPN. In the next couple of blogs I will walk you through all the labs from this workshop so you can do them at home. This first one, out of a series of six, will be about the preparations enabling you to follow along. If you would like to follow this workshop in real-live, please contact me through LinkedIn or Twitter. The other five labs are:

  • Docker 101
  • Dockerizing a .Net Core Application
  • VSTS Docker Image build
  • Service Fabric Application
  • Deploy Docker Image to your Service Fabric cluster

Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise

Docker for windows currently only runs on Windows 10 professional or Enterprise. This is mainly because of the availability of Hyper-V on these versions of Windows. During the upcoming labs I’m assuming you are using one of these two versions to run Docker on. You can create a virtual machine to do these labs one. Make sure you enable ‘nested virtualization’. Using a virtual machine on Azure is an option as well. Make sure you select a vm from the D2-64 v3 range to make sure Hyper-V will run correctly.

Install Docker

Go to this URL and download the Docker installer. Follow the instructions. Docker will ask you to logout. Off course you will do this and log back in again. Docker will now start for the first time and ask you to enable Hyper-V. Click OK.


After Hyper-V has been enabled your computer will reboot and let you know Docker was installed successfully. To test this, you could open a PowerShell command window and run the following command: docker run hello-world When everything works as expected you should see the following output:


In this workshop we will use VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services). If you don’t already have an account please go to this URL to create one by clicking on ‘Get started for free’.


After creating an account or logging in with your existing Microsoft account you will see the following screen. Enter a nice name to claim your own subdomain on Leave ‘Manage code using’ to Git and click Continue.

Visual Studio

I will use Visual Studio for the labs in this workshop. If you don’t already have Visual Studio installed then you can download and install the Community edition from this URL. Make sure that you enable at least the following features during installation:

  • Under “Workload”: "ASP.NET and web development" and ".Net Core cross-platform development"
  • Under "Induvidual components": "Service Fabric Tools"

Service Fabric SDK

The last thing we have to install is the Service Fabric SDK. Download and run the installer from this URL


Create an account on Docker Hub: Congratulations! You’re ready to follow along!

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